Tax Liens Department

Tax Liens are Liens filed by the Internal Revenue Service for Federal taxes or the State for State taxes. These are filed in the county of the real property or in the county where the taxpayer lives. These taxes can be for Income Tax, Business Tax, Estate Tax etc. Tax Liens are filed against the taxpayer.

Filing Fees for Tax Liens:

#Fee DiscriptionAmount
1.For recording Federal Tax Lien and Releases
2.For recording State Tax Lien and Releases 13.00
3.Copies per page1.00
4.Certified copies per document1.00
5.Federal Tax Lien Search per name1.00
What do I do when something is still on my credit report and it has been paid?

Call your County Clerks Office and make sure the release was recorded. If the release has been recorded notify the credit agency that is reporting and give them the release information. The credit agency may request a copy, which you can get from your County Clerks Office or they may call and verify that the release has been recorded. If the release has not been filed then you will need to call the agency that filed the lien to obtain a release.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. The information provided in this site is just an outline of the statute. Please refer to the Statutes or your attorney for any legal assistance you may need.